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10.24 Eid ul Adha Bayyan - Lessons from the Lives of Prophet Abraham and His Family

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4.14 Universal legacy of the prophets

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2.7 Virtual Eid al Adha

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Hating Lincoln in the Progressive Era, Bethany Villaruz, UG '24 (3963387)

Edgar Lee Masters is known for creating one of the first—and most aggressive—anti-Lincoln biographies of all time: Lincoln: The Man. This paper explores Masters’ motivation for…

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The Comrades of the Ship- Quranic Narrative and Early Muslim Accounts of Women Emigres to Abyssinia

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Panel Discussion - Benefits and Challenges of Autonomous Electric Vehicles

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Roundtable on Lincoln and the Challenges of Statesmanship in Our Time

Hadley Arkes, Edward N. Ney Professor in American Institutions, Emeritus, Amherst College; Richard Brookhiser, Senior Editor, National Review; Allen C. Guelzo, Henry R. Luce III…

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The Statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln

George Kateb, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics, Emeritus, Princeton University; James M. McPherson, George Henry Davis ’86 Professor of American History,…

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What Is the Relationship Between Originalism and Judicial Restraint?

Christopher R. Green, Associate Professor of Law and H.L.A. Hart Scholar in Law and Philosophy, University of Mississippi; Earl M. Maltz, Distinguished Professor of Law, Rutgers…

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Reconsidering Reconstruction, Rights, and Progress

Pamela Brandwein, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan; Peter C. Myers, Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire; James R. Stoner,…

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The Historian’s Craft: A Consideration of Writings of Allen C. Guelzo

Peter S. Field, Garwood Visiting Professor and Visiting Fellow, James Madison Program, Princeton University; Matthew J. Franck, Director, William E. and Carol G. Simon Center on…

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The Robert J. Giuffra '82 Conference on Abraham Lincoln and Statesmanship: Award Presentation and Keynote Address

Presentation of the 2016 James Q. Wilson Award for Distinguished Scholarship on the Nature of a Free Society to Allen C. Guelzo By Alan Charles Kors, Henry Charles Lea Professor…

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