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U Rochester SOM Info Session

Michelle Vogl, Director of Admissions, and Dr. Flavia Nobay, Dean of Students, will walk us through the paths that students take from applying to medical school through matching for residency at the…

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HPA Applicant Information Session for 2025 Matriculation

All students and alumni who might apply for admission to medical or dental school for Fall 2025 matriculation must attend a mandatory information session. The session will cover the HPA…

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Selecting Schools Part III: Finalizing Your List and Making Your Case

HPA Applicant Seminar for 2024 Matriculation view Google Slides

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Selecting Schools Part II: Finding Your Fit

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HPA Applicant Seminar: Preparing for Reapplication

Who reapplies to med school? What's it like to reapply? How can you strategize for a successful reapplication? We'll discuss the idea of reapplying broadly and cover logistical information…

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Building Equitable Outcomes, BRIC by BRIC: Investigating Barriers to Coastal Resilience Funding Faced by Disadvantaged Communities, Calif Chen, UG '23 (2264153)

Sea Level rise will significantly impact the livelihoods of coastal communities in the coming century. However, disadvantaged communities may not have the resources to apply for federal funding to…

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Selecting Schools Part I: Dispelling Myths & Introducing Resources

How do you start to create your medical school list? We'll go through some tips for school research and developing your list. VIEW SLIDES

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What Ties Individuals to a Society in the Eyes of U.S. Consular Officers? How Mobility-Stability Capital Stratifies International Legal Movement from Mainland China to the United States, Jacob Richard Thomas (2313519)

How do ties to a society stratify international legal mobility? US immigration law requires consular officers in 157 countries to deny non-immigrant visas (NIVs) to foreigners if they lack strong…

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ReMatch+ Intern - Mel ( C.) Hornyak

Summer Research Colloquium Research Summary - Diversity Programs and the Hiring Process

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