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Boston University SOM Info Session

Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Located in the heart of Boston, Boston University School of Medicine's mission centers on compassion, research, and innovation as…

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Sophomore Research Seminar: Panel 3

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Creating Annotated Videos of Mock Medical Interviews for SPA 205

In this project, we recorded brief videos of Spanish speakers acting as physicians and patients during a medical encounter. Then we annotated the videos to complement, explain, and develop the…

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Selecting Schools Part III: Finalizing Your List and Making Your Case

HPA Applicant Seminar for 2024 Matriculation view Google Slides

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Rutgers RWJMS Information Session

Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) is just up the road from Princeton in Piscataway. Students appreciate the cooperative and social student body where collaboration is highly…

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HPA Applicant Seminar: Preparing for Reapplication

Who reapplies to med school? What's it like to reapply? How can you strategize for a successful reapplication? We'll discuss the idea of reapplying broadly and cover logistical information…

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The Life Story Project: How can we make meaningful connections with others through language education?

After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and a global movement for social justice, we all face this one question: How can we connect and reconnect with others? This question requires us to reconsider…

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IA Symposium Negotiating Your Worth: Demystifying the Academic Interview and Negotiations Process

This panel will share their personal experiences on the academic job market while also discussing topics related to interviewing and negotiation techniques associated with salary, start date,…

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Wintersession - Unexpected Conversation Series: Kara Swisher & Jeff Nunokawa

Who would you be most surprised to find in conversation together on stage? An anthropologist and a chemist? An athlete and a rabbi? A television host and a historian? During the Unexpected…

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Campus Recruiting Overview

You may be excited about the prospect of applying for a summer internship or entry-level role. You may feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the process, or perhaps unsure even where to begin. Over…

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ReMatch+ Intern - Sarah Pedersen

Kentuckian Thoughts on Pandemic Response and Recovery

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Phew: What a Year! Journalists Review the News and How It Was Covered - Reunions 2021 Panel

In a Reunions event on May 21, 2021, five leading journalists came together to discuss covering the news in a year like no other. Panel moderated by Nancy Cordes *99, Chief White House Correspondent,…

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Interviewing with International Employers

Are you anticipating an interview with an employer abroad? Are you preparing for interviews for the International Internship Program or other international internship/fellowship positions through…

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My Oral History Project Training

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John Bracey Interview

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