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Bronen, Robin, May 20, 2024, "Climate Justice Advocacy: Rights, Reimaginings and Relentless Resistance"

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Strategic Sacrifice: Self-Organized Robot Swarm Localization for Inspection Applications, Sneha Ramshanker, GS (6B09A63F)

Imagine a future where small robotic teams roam our infrastructure—bridges, pipelines, buildings, and satellites—detecting problems promptly, such as leaks and cracks. Teams of robots…

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This paper examines the economic impact of wolf reintroduction via associated decreases in deer-vehicle collisions. Previous literature has found significant reductions in deer-vehicle collisions…

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CITP Seminar: Ryan Calo - Modeling Through

Theorists of justice have long imagined a decision-maker capable of acting wisely in every circumstance. Policymakers seldom live up to this ideal. They face well-understood limits, including an…

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Version 3 - Dental Section

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Version 1 - Full Presentation

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When are Changes in Land Use Truly Good for the Climate?

Most analyses project increased global demand for food by 50% or more by 2050 while climate stabilization strategies require no net expansion and many require hundreds of millions of hectares of…

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HIS 407 - Commons, Enclosures and Colonization in the Early Modern Atlantic

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The New Regulatory State

Christopher DeMuth, Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute; former President, American Enterprise Institute

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Mark McClellan: Whats Next for Health Care Reform?

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