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Strategic Mastery in Terminal: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Approach to Tower-Defense Gameplay, Shivam Kak, UG '26, Ishaan Javali, UG '26, Yagiz Devre, UG '26 (5EE515B6)

From chess to Atari to AlphaGo, performance in games has been a benchmark of performance for machine learning. Terminal is a tower-defense game where players submit algorithms that play against each…

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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Ivette Perfecto

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Ivette Perfecto "Intransitivity as a dynamic assembly engine of competitive communities"

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SoA Lecture: "Some Characters in Search of an Author"

Cecilia Puga and Paula Velasco are directors and founding partners of Cecilia Puga - Paula Velasco Arquitectura, a practice that connects independent professionals from various disciplines and…

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Bradford Seminar: "Projecting the Clean Tech Race: Modeling Technologies' Competition Dynamics and Implications for Policy Design"

Tobias Schmidt is Associate (tenured) Professor and head of the Energy and Technology Policy Group (EPG) at ETH Zurich. He also serves as the director of Institute of Science, Technology and Policy…

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Great Ideas to Real World Impact: Strategies from Leading Academic Entrepreneurship Centers - Engage 2022

One of the key goals of many entrepreneurship centers is to help their faculty and students take their ideas and research and create startups companies in order to maximize the impact to society.…

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10.42 The Paradox of Relying on God and Relying on Others

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EEB 522 Seminar Series- Jonathan Levine

Jonathan Levine - Princeton University“Species coexistence in complex communities”

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1.38 Khutbah - Competing for Good Works

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1.34 Spiritual Olympics

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PPPL's Rob Goldston and Jean Jacquinot from JET

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CITP Seminar Emily Denton - Data, Power, and AI Ethics: Critiquing and Rethinking Machine Learning Data Infrastructure

In response to growing concerns of bias, discrimination, and unfairness perpetuated by algorithmic systems, the datasets used to train and evaluate machine learning models have come under…

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4-6-2021 Gilbert Lecture

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Technology, Global Governance and the Nature of Power, Alumni Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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Mini-Conference with Jack Bogle and Burton Malkiel PT1

Discussion of Financial Markets, and future impact of regulation on Investment Management

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Mexico's 2018 Elections: Round Table: Institutional Safeguards and Challenges

Javier Aparicio, CIDE Lorenzo Cordova, INE Reyes Rodriguez, TEPJ Guillermo Trejo, Notre Dame Moderator: Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Theodore A. Well '29 Professor of Economics, Princeton University

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