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FutureFlow: A Deep Learning Approach to Short-Term Wind Gust Prediction and Control, Dylan Epstein-Gross, UG '25 (BFB85A86)

My project explores the application of various deep learning methods to the problem of short-term wind gust prediction central to wind-aware control on real-world quadrotors, a ubiquitous issue for…

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Improving Drone Performance in Wind with Novel, Fast, Sensors, Nate Simon, GS (2272842)

Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) have the potential to transformatively impact numerous industries, including infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, package delivery, and even atmospheric…

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"Taskable Agility: Making Useful Dynamic Behavior Easier to Create" lecture by Scott Kuindersma

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ReMatch+ intern - Daniel Knapp

Summer Research Colloquium Research Summary - Quantum Simulation of Many-Body Systems with Ultracold Molecules

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