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Estimates of heating rates in the near-Sun environment, Cole Meyer, UG '24 (2264813)

The solar corona is a magnetized plasma that forms the outermost region of the Sun and, surprisingly, is much hotter than the surface of the Sun itself. The corona is also the birthplace of the solar…

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Tetarenko, Alex, February 10, 2023 "Crazy Jet Experiments: Probing Accretion and Ejection Physics with Flashes, Bursts and Eruptions"

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Mithila Art in 2020: Life, Labor, and COVID-19 in South Asia

Join us for a live webinar highlighting representations of the pandemic in South Asian art that were recently acquired by the Princeton University Library.Julie Mellby, Graphic Arts Curator, and…

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The Alfvénic Motions of the Sun's Outer Atmosphere

Scott McIntoshNational Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

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