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Graduate Student - Why Slavic

Graduate Students explain Why Slavic.

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Red Power Takeover: Native American Activists, Colonial Landscapes, and the Design of Sovereignty, Angelika E. Joseph, GS (984FB293)

This dissertation argues that the Red Power Movement (1969–1973) was an architectural project for Indigenous sovereignty. Every protest involved the takeover of colonial architecture:…

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Matrices: What pregnancy and motherhood teach us about human agency, Mary Nickel, G6 (2272052)

It can be quite striking, on reflection, to consider the fact that nearly the first entire year of our lives are spent inside another human being. None of us is created ex nihilo: we are all forged…

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The Making of the Modern Donor, Samin Rashidbeigi, G6 (3959599)

My project traces the emergence of blood transfusion technology in modern Iran. Until the early 1970s, an informal market supplied hospitals with blood products. Forced by poverty, professional…

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Musical Experience/Experiment through Making a Harpsichord, Joyce Wei-Jo Chen, G4 (3954632)

My dissertation, Musica Experientia/Experimentum, explores the intersection between acoustics, aesthetics, and artisanal knowledge (involved in musical instruments) in the seventeenth century. What…

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Everything You Want to Know About Moving from Dissertation to Book

Come learn what distinguishes a dissertation from a book manuscript, what editors are looking for in book proposals, what to expect from the process, how to think about the market/readership for…

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Daniel Mendelsohn Interview

Daniel Mendelsohn is an internationally bestselling author, critic, essayist, and translator. Born in New York City in 1960, he received degrees in Classics from the University of Virginia and…

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Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellow 2015-2016 - Kellen Funk

Kellen Funk gs (History) discusses the doctoral work he does on the history of American law and legal practice, which earned him the distinction of 2015-16 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellow. Presented as…

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The Productive Scholar: Janet Temos on Using Word Effectively

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