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NJ AI Summit - AI for Health

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Creating Annotated Videos of Mock Medical Interviews for SPA 205

In this project, we recorded brief videos of Spanish speakers acting as physicians and patients during a medical encounter. Then we annotated the videos to complement, explain, and develop the…

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Brazil Lab: "The Madmen's Revolt - Agency and Insubordination at Brazil's National Hospital for the Insane" (11.1.2023)

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"It's All in Your Head": Disparities in Colposcopy Description Between Patients and Medical Professionals, Miriam Stern, UG '22 (3965441)

Historically, women have been more likely than men to have their pain dismissed by physicians as being “all in their head.” The minimization of pain experiences by the medical community…

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CITP Seminar: Matt Weinberg - A Crash Course on Algorithmic Mechanism Design

Algorithmic Mechanism Design studies the design of algorithms in settings where participants have their own incentives. For example, when executing an ad auction, the auctioneer/designer wants to…

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2020 D&I Summer Series | Benefits Health Resources

HR Benefits Specialist Crystal Edwards presents about Princeton's health resources and how to access Health Advocate, Best Doctors, and mental well-being and COVID-19 consultations. This…

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Session 3 | Pandemic, Creating a Usable Past: Epidemic History, COVID-19, and the Future of Health

Pandemic, Creating a Usable Past: Epidemic History, COVID-19, and the Future of HealthSession 3 | Battling Epidemics: Historian/Heath Care Practitioners Reflect on their Experiences on the Front…

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Reconsidering Dr. Rush: What the “Lost” Founding Father Benjamin Rush Can Teach Us About the Revolution and America Today

Stephen Fried, Journalist; Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism; Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

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My Health Coach

Linda Nilsen, Princeton University

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New Student Films

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