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The Matthew Effect: How the Election Process Discourages Working-Class Representation, Colton Simmons, UG '24 (ED8F2324)

Working-class Americans are vastly underrepresented in legislative institutions. Indeed, elected officials in the United States are wealthier, more educated, and overwhelmingly come from more…

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Tips for Approvers

This demonstration provides tips for Approvers and will explain the changes Approvers can make to expense reports, show how to review complex allocations, view previously approved reports, and set-up…

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Webinar: Am I or the Others Crazy?

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Wenxin Du "The Dollar, Bank Leverage and Deviations from Covered Interest Rate Parity"

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Richard Levich "The dollar, bank leverage and the deviation from covered interest parity"

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Javier Bianchi and Wenxin Du Panel

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Historical Moments in Black Princetoniana (Video excerpt)

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