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Emerging Alumni Scholars 2015 - Jonathan Robinson

Exploration of Bacterial Nitric Oxide Stress Responses as a Source of Antivirulence Targets

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Emerging Alumni Scholars 2015 - Jennifer Schieltz

Jennifer Schieltz presents Cattle-wildlife interactions on shared rangelands in East Africa

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Small RNAs as novel therapeutics for bone metastasis

Molecular Biology graduate student Brian Ell presents his research on micro RNAs as inhibitors of breast cancer bone metastasis and their use as possible therapeutics and clinical biomarkers in the…

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Bionic Nanosensors

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate student Manu Sebastian Mannoor discusses his research into the merging of electronics with the human body for the purposes of creating biomedical sensors…

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2013 Emerging Alumni Scholars Welcome and Introductions

Introduction by Sophie Glovier '87 S86, Member, Committee on Academic Programs for Alumni, and William B. Russel P99 P01 h*04, Dean of the Graduate School, Princeton University. The Emerging…

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