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E. Allen Lecture Recording_4-11-22

Acting Upon the Literary Work: Revision, History, and Translation of Antonio DiBenedetto's Trilogy of Expectation

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FPUL Annual Dinner: Stanley N. Katz "Where do the Humanities Go in the Post-Truth Age?" May 1, 2022

Friends of Princeton University Library host their Annual Dinner on May 1, 2022, with featured speaker Stanley N. Katz, American historian, Director of the Princeton University Center for Arts and…

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TC Onstott Memorial Symposium-AM session PT 2

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Embodying the Virgin Mary, Christ, and the Nation

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The Erdogan Era in Turkey and Its Legacy

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The Book of Dreams: The Linguistic Project of Translating Khwabnama, the Great Bangladesh Novel

Arunava Sinha discusses his translation of Khwabnama (Book of Dreams), written by Akhtaruzzaman Elias (1943-97); the greatest Bangladeshi fiction writer of the twentieth century. Arunava Sinha…

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Do Assault Weapons Bans Really Save Lives: Moving Beyond Politics, Jacob Alayof, UG '23 (3958044)

I examine the real-world efficacy of an assault weapons ban. This is achieved through a difference-in-differences model that uses the variation of legislation between states as a natural experiment.…

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Modelling of Lead Titanate -- From Impressionism to Realism, Pinchen Xie, G4 (3935964)

We modelled the material lead titanate based on the underlying quantum mechanics of our world with the help of machine learning. Our approach depicted the lead titanate with accurate details like a…

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An Anthropologist And His Interlocutors: Law, Intimacy, and Psychoanalysis in the Political Anthropology of John Borneman

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UNOW Day Nursery's OriginStory

A documentary about how a conservative University administration and a radical feminist organization (the National Organization for Women, NOW) joined forces in 1970 to open a full-time daycare to…

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EGR 219 4.14.2022

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2022 NYC Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference | Entrepreneurship and Ethics: Making My Millions or Saving Society

Dr. David Miller, director of Princeton's Faith & Work Initiative and who is teaching at the Keller Center both an undergraduate and required graduate course on ethics this spring, shared an…

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CITP Seminar Jaime Fernández Fisac - Machine Bullshit: Emergent Manipulative Behavior in Language Agents

Our research group is currently trying to shed light on what we think is one of the most pressing dangers presaged by the increasing power and reach of AI technologies. The conjunction of…

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Losing Our Dignity

Annual Harold T. Shapiro Lecture on Ethics, Science, and Technology featuring Charles Camosy, Associate Professor of Theology at Fordham University There is perhaps no more important value than…

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3-14-22 NES Seminar Series- Empire of Debt- Finance, Violence, and Accounting in the Ottoman Age of Crisis, 1770-1840

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02.14.22 NES Seminar Series Dēn and Discourse Mapping the Contours of Zoroastrian Thought in Pahlavi Literature

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