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Stealthy Hyperuniform Metamaterials in the Mid-Infrared, Manuel Gallego, GS (AFAA2005)

Stealthy hyperuniform heterostructures are a novel type of metamaterial that display photonic band gaps (PBG) and isotropy simultaneously. In this project, we have successfully designed, fabricated,…

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Eon-ic Bonds: A Geochemical Investigation into Volcanic Heating & Gas Production During the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction 66 mya, Spencer Koonin, UG '24 (AAE84404)

Complex chemical footprints are left behind by geological processes. By analyzing the chemical structures of rocks near to the magmatic eruption in the Deccan Traps region 66 million years ago,…

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Pursuing the Beauty of Numbers, Evan M. O'Dorney, GS (2306680)

In my work in number theory, I explore patterns in numbers, specifically counting the equations with integer coefficients with a given discriminant. I am studying the Ohno-Nakagawa theorem, a…

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GradFUTURES Forum 2021: Going Beyond Sustainability: Creating New Models and Future Leaders

This week-long conference will include sessions and speakers covering: national best practices; ways to pivot and recalculate; bespoke immersive experiences and learning cohorts; mentorship; and…

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A Simplified Approach to Interacting Bose Gases_Ian Jauslin

I will discuss some new results about an effective theory introduced by Lieb in 1963 to approximate the ground state energy of interacting Bosons at low density. In this regime, it agrees with the…

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Highlight Seminar Series: Kimberly Prather, UC San Diego

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