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A Simplified Approach to Interacting Bose Gases_Ian Jauslin

I will discuss some new results about an effective theory introduced by Lieb in 1963 to approximate the ground state energy of interacting Bosons at low density. In this regime, it agrees with the…

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Princeton's Legacy in Computer and Data Science: Corporate Engagement with Tech Companies Reflects the University's Strength

Dean for Research Pablo Debenedetti highlights technology-related corporate engagement across Princeton's campus and traces the University's legacy in computer and data science back to the…

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John Nash Memorial Public Lecture

From  Broadcast Broadcast Center Staff on October 28th, 2015 0 likes 616 plays

Nash Memorial - Problems Left Unsolved

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Juggling Mathematics and Magic

4/22/2013 Ronald Graham, Mathematician and Juggler: "Juggling Mathematics and Magic." The mystery of magic and the art of juggling have surprising links to interesting ideas from…

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