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OURSIP Intern - Maya Chande

Constructing a Monte Carlo simulation of the HUNTER x-ray detector

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SPIA MPA Welcome Zoom

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Cliff Brangwynne — Thinking Forward: Bioengineering

Director of the Princeton Bioengineering Initiative, Cliff Brangwynne, makes the case why Princeton is the best place to lead the field of bioengineering into a wide open future.

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SPIA DEI - Curriculum Video

SPIA DEI - Curriculum Video

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Introductions to Senior Research Specialists

Meet the 2020-2021 Senior Research Specialists at the Industrial Relations Section, Princeton University

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Math Makes the World Go Round, Alumni Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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4.9 Using Coeus Budget Cost Limits

Coeus Training - Budget Part 9: Using this functionality is optional. This video explains how to set cost limits by total direct costs or total costs and how to select a budget item to sync a…

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Cultures of Genius presented by Sarah-Jane Leslie _07, Dean of the Graduate School

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Nash Memorial - Problems Left Unsolved

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Community House STEM Summer Camp

Community House STEM Summer Camp, which ran from June 30 through Aug. 1, 2014, tries to inspire students from public and charter schools in Princeton to enjoy science, technology, engineering and…

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Introduction to LaTeX

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How Math Comes to Mind: Intuition, Visualization, and Teaching

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