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10.39 Khutbah on Ascetism and Generosity of the Prophet Muhammad

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How to Download and Upload the Grade Center

Full or partial data can be downloaded from the Grade Center. Once downloaded, Grades, or comments accessed through the Quick Comment feature or the Manually Override page, can be changed and added…

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How to Create Smart Views to the Blackbaord Grade Center

A Smart View is a focused look at the Grade Center. It shows only the data that matches a set of criteria, such as a specific precept or lab group. Smart Views are useful to quickly find data when…

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How to Copy Blackboard Content Between Course Sites

Course Copy can be used to copy selected Course materials into an existing Course without having to recreate the content. This option adds content to a Course, without deleting existing content.More…

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Create an Announcement in Blackboard

Students can view important messages from instructors in the My Announcements module or through the Announcements tool. As a default module on the homepage, announcements are typically one of the…

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Replace a File Blackboard

If you make revisions to a file, such as your syllabus, after you have uploaded it to Blackboard, this video shows you the easiest way to replace the old file in your course site.

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How to Upload a Syllabus to Blackboard

Learn how to quickly upload your syllabus or any files to Blackboard. More information:

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