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Prentice Lecture (2024) - Patrice Rankine - Theater and Crisis

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COM LIT Lecture: Influence & Interference - Paul North - Notes on a Critical Theory out of Schelling (3.06.24)

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30 Great Myths About Jane Austen' with Claudia Johnson and Clara Tuite

Was Jane Austen the best-selling novelist of her time? Are all her novels romances? Did they depict the traditional world of the aristocracy? Is Austen’s writing easy to understand? Well into…

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Opening Remarks

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Session 3 Part 1-015

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Prentice Lecture: Christopher Smith

On Archaic Roman Kingship

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ARTS MANAGEMENT: Kelvin Dinkins, Jr. '09 - Assistant Dean, Yale School of Drama; General Manager, Yale Repertory Theatre - Memorable Moments in the English Dept.

Seven recent alumni, who are in the fields of law, medicine, publishing, journalism, film, theater administration, and non-profit education, returned to campus to talk about their professional…

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