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Baccalaureate 2024

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Undergraduate Students - Why Slavic

Undergraduates explain Why Slavic.

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In the Synagogue and Online, American Congregations Respond to COVID-19, Julie Hannah Levey, UG '24 (D94B6FBD)

Since the founding of the first Jewish congregation in North America in 1654, American synagogues have evolved substantially, often in parallel with changes occurring across the country. When the…

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NJ AI Summit - Education and Workforce Development

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Volunteer 101 by Jeanna Raphael - Pace Center for Civic Engagement

The Pace Center believes strongly that preparing to do service well and learn through service is key to student’s growth as individuals and the benefit of communities. As a part of that…

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Jack Thompson '23 (in Brazil) Open House 2024

This video was not presented in open house but was prepared for that event

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First-Year Families Weekend: "Career Development Panel" (10.1.2023)

Panel Discussion: Career Development. The Center for Career Development will provide a brief presentation followed by a panel discussion with student peer career advisers and center staff. Moderated…

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First -Year Families Weekend: "International Opportunities Panel" (10.1.2023)

Panel Discussion: International Opportunities. Discover Princeton’s global perspective and future opportunities for students to participate in international internships, study abroad, and…

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Should we fear AI? Rolando Masis-Obando, GS (2276888)

An idea that we unfortunately inject ourselves with is “technological determinism” (Paul Adler; L.M. Sacasas) — in a nutshell, what it means is that technology evolves naturally…

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Poorva - Masters of Finance

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SPO Summer Programs 2023: Princeton in Spain & Princeton in Argentina Information Session

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese presents a virtual information session about Princeton in Spain and Princeton in Argentina for Summer 2023. For more information please visit…

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The Value of Investing in the Black Community - Engage 2022

This lightning talk will provide an overview of the challenges facing Black-owned businesses and the ways in which entrepreneurs and investors are overcoming those challenges through various…

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Innovation Partnerships and Opportunities with Federal Government - Engage 2022

What types of non-dilutive capital are available to finance my research-based startup? How can my startup team sharpen our product design without a costly accelerator program? How can I find…

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Meet Emily Sharples

Emily Sharples is the Class of 1969 Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) Program Director.

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Meet Kimberly de los Santos

Kimberly de los Santos is the John C. Bogle '51 and Burton G. Malkiel *64 Executive Director of the Pace Center.

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