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Climate and the Potential for Life on Other Planets

Understanding planetary habitability is key to understanding how and why life developed on Earth as well as whether life is present on planets that orbit different stars (exoplanets). Whether a…

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Where did type systems come from?

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Quantum Mechanics and the Paradoxes of Enlightenment

Lecture 4 | Free Will Lecture Series | Frightening people off. The story so far; restating the theorem. Sending your friend and his particle to Mars. The meaning of “free.”…

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The Paradoxes of Relativity

Lecture 3 | Free Will Lecture Series | Review of SPIN and TWIN, which can be operationally demonstrated, and FIN, which can’t. Why the speed of light is independent of the observer. The way…

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The Paradox of Kochen and Specker

Lecture 2 | Free Will Lecture Series | Measuring a particle’s spin: It tells you. The SPIN axiom, 101 property, and M.C. Escher. Demonstrating the paradox, clarifying Heisenberg’s…

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