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Schizotypy Correlates with Poor Event Segmentation: Insights for Schizophrenia Spectrum, Cara Suliman Khalifeh, UG '24 (C597FE4F)

Schizophrenia is a spectrum of mental disorders that impair individuals' ability to perceive and understand their environment. A critical aspect of understanding our environment is our ability…

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Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies:"The World At Night Photography"

he World at Night Photography: Revealing the wonders of natural nights and the global impact of light pollution Night hides a world but reveals a universe. Through this lens the world’s…

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The Making of a Kammavācā Manuscript from Myanmar-D6tFC63oCnQ-1080pp-1712672938

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Brandon Dunlevy '21 - Open House 2024

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Princeton - SPIA Globalization, the U.S. Economy, and Political Backlash Live Stream

Political support for the globalization of the American economy seems to have fallen dramatically in the past decade. While from the start of Ronald Reagan's presidency (1980) through the end of…

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REES Workshop - Panel 1 (11.03.23)

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REES Workshop - Panel 3 (11.03.23)

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Bradford Seminar: “Planning the Mid-Transition for Just and Sustainable Decarbonization”

Dr. Grubert is a civil engineer and environmental sociologist whose research focuses on justice-oriented deep decarbonization and decision support tools related to large infrastructure systems, with…

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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Andrew Davies

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Andrew Davies "Animal-landscape interactions on a changing planet"

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Bradford Seminar: "Disaggregating Vulnerability to Floods"

Eric Tate is a Professor in the Princeton University Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment. He conducts research in the areas of flood hazards, social inequity, and water…

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Bradford Seminar: 'Harmonizing Forces: A Global Quest to Tackle the Water and Climate Crisis Through Sustainable Development Goals"

In an era defined by environmental challenges, the world is witnessing a transformative journey undertaken in parallel by global corporations, non-governmental organizations, and government…

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GCEPS Reunions Talk (5.26.23)

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Geniza Lab Live with Dr. Moshe Yagur: “Was there a ‘Jewish neighborhood’ in medieval Fustāt and why is it important”

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Place and the New York Philharmonic, Isabella Dail, UG '26 and Connor Frank, UG '26 (3993941)

We analyzed a dataset about the New York Philharmonic performance history from their first concert until present day. The data included information about topics like musical scores, soloed…

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Placing Domesday's Anonymous Women, Claire Schultz UG '24 (2264438)

Domesday was a "Great Survey" of English landholdings conducted in 1086, following the Norman Conquest of 1066 led by William the Conqueror. This text was digitized and put in CSV form by…

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Jacqueline West

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