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Photosynthesis A - Chair- Silvia Ramundo

The processes of CO2-concentrating mechanism and photoprotection are extensively co-regulated in Chlamydomonas - Yizhong Yuan, Emily G. Werth, Marius Arend, Georgios Kepesidis, M. Åguila…

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Lowering the Barrier for Web Advertisement Research at Scale, Kai Ji (Kevin) Feng, UG '21 (2310672)

Web advertisements are essential to the day-to-day operations on the internet by providing a key channel of revenue to websites that offer content at little to no cost. However, they are also common…

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Banks, Shadow Banks, and the New Face of Wall Street

Presenters include Andrew Ross Sorkin, Chief Mergers and Acquisitions Reporter, the New York Times and Gary Gensler, Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Moderated by Jon Corzine, the…

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