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Reconstructing Sea Surface Temperature Fields with Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models, Charlotte Merchant, UG '24 (E63EAA31)

Estimates of sea surface temperature (SST) variability are crucial for examining changes in the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, evaluating connections between climate variability and…

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Moral Shocks or Creeping Normalities? An Initial Analysis of The Implications of Farmer Suicides for Agrarian Political Participation in Punjab, India, Uma Fox, UG '26 (407A9E08)

Farmer suicides have become pervasive tragedies within agricultural communities in the north Indian state of Punjab. Reflecting a culmination of economic inequalities and policy failures, the scale…

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Textual and Critical Analysis of a Video Game Series Through Interactive Data Visualization, Tri Giao Vu Dinh, UG '24 (DD456A5A)

In this project, I combine quantitative, statistical, and algorithmic methods from different disciplines of study to perform critical analysis on the in-game textual content of the Fire Emblem video…

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FutureFlow: A Deep Learning Approach to Short-Term Wind Gust Prediction and Control, Dylan Epstein-Gross, UG '25 (BFB85A86)

My project explores the application of various deep learning methods to the problem of short-term wind gust prediction central to wind-aware control on real-world quadrotors, a ubiquitous issue for…

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The Life History of an Archaeological Ostrich Eggshell, Olivia Kracht, GS (93CF0FAB)

The Middle to Late Stone Age transition is a changeover between two African archaeological periods defined by a rise in art and symbolism, new stone tool technologies, and increasing cultural…

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NJ AI Summit - Closing Remarks

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Humanistic Design Speaker Series: "Libraries as Design Ecology"

In an age when public institutions are under threat, what might we learn about them, and what forms of resistance might we cultivate, by recognizing them as design ecologies that embody and affect…

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Bradford Seminar: Developing A Climate Vulnerability Index for Advancing Community Level Climate Resilience

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A Kammavācā Manuscript from Myanmar ritual use

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C-PREE Bradford Seminar: ‘The Inflation Reduction Act: Triumphs, Challenges, and the Pursuit of True Environmental Justice’

Dana Johnson serves as senior director of strategy and federal policy at WE ACT for Environmental Justice and leads an advocacy, regulatory and policy-setting team. She conceptualized and co-hosted…

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Bradford Seminar: "Designing Effective Environmental and Conservation Policies: The Role of Collective Incentives"

Kathleen Segerson is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut. She is an environmental economist, with a strong interest in collaborative…

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SSII Intern: Vitus Larrieu '26

Follow Vitus Larrieu along on his day in his summer internship with Pensacola MESS Hall. Vitus has been able to serve his community and learn more about the world of education and…

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Bradford Seminar "Beyond carbon in nature-based climate solutions: documenting tropical forest biodiversity loss and recovery using sounds"

Zuzana Burivalova, assistant professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies & department of forest & wildlife ecology at the University of Wisconsin Burivalova looks for ways to…

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Bradford Seminar Series: "Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change Mitigation Roadmap"

David Sandalow is the Inaugural Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy and Director of the Energy and Environment Concentration at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia…

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Bradford Seminar Series: "Can Trade Policy Mitigate Climate Change"

Trade policy is often cast as a solution to the free-riding problem in international climate agreements. This paper uncovers the extent to which trade policy can deliver on this promise. We introduce…

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C-PREE/ Bradford Seminar Series: "Small Modular Reactors And Other Nuclear Fantasies"

M.V. Ramana is the Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security and Professor at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He was…

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