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Undergraduate Students - Why Slavic

Undergraduates explain Why Slavic.

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OURSIP Intern - Shirley Xue

Strengthening Memory Suppression in PTSD via Real-time Neurofeedback Advised by: Prof. Kenneth Norman, Princeton Neuroscience Institute Augustin Hennings, Princeton Neuroscience Institute

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The Effects of Zygosity on Behavior in a SHANK3B Knockout Mouse Model of Autism, Michael Lenzi, UG '22 (3962744)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a pervasive disorder mostly diagnosed in young children. Some studies have estimated the rates of ASD in the U.S. to be around 2-3 percent of children, so it is a…

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Subject Databases Overview

This is an overview of how to begin searching Princeton's subject-specific databases for scholarly journal articles.

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Psychology Social Seminar 11-2-2020: Jillian Jordan

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OURSIP intern - Ekaterina Ivshina

Summer Research Colloquium Research Summary - Diffusion Tensor Image Registration

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Susan B. Anthony, Women's Right to Vote

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On Photography and Chilean Street Life

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PPPL Inventors Manfred Bitter, Ken Hill, and Phil Efthimion win at the 38th annual Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards for EUV microscopy, EUV lithography, and x-ray imaging (2017)

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