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Envisioning Automated Glaucoma Screening: Domain Generalization for Deep Learning-Based Glaucoma Classification, Hannah Ulman, UG '24 (B7A45C16)

Rapid advancements in deep learning algorithms for computer vision tasks have produced powerful models that can accurately classify diseases from medical images across a variety of specialties. In…

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The Revolutionary Officeholder: Democracy and Representation in Socialist Revolution, Theodore Gross, UG '24 (E0B1E3DB)

This thesis seeks to combat the dominant view that socialist revolutions are inherently authoritarian endeavors opposed to democratic values. In response, we apply a lens of representative democracy…

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PowerVision: Giving AI the Ability to Understand Electrical Schematics, Dak Cheung Cheng, UG '25 (47276F72)

Power electronics are the backbone of the 21st century. Whether to comes to charging your phone or powering to a city, power electronics are are responsible for keeping the entire world running.…

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Structural and Biophysical Investigations of Protein-Membrane Interactions in T. gondii to Understand Organelle Fission Necessary for Parasite Propagation, Maria Josefina Karakousis, UG '26 (3CDAD298)

Toxoplasma gondii is a single-cell parasite which causes toxoplasmosis, a disease causing flu-like symptoms in healthy individuals but severe eye or brain damage in congenitally infected children,…

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COM LIT Lecture - Kohei Saito (4.19.24)

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NJ AI Summit - Foundations of AI

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NJ AI Summit - Remarks from Christopher Eisgruber and Phil Murphy

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Volunteer 101 by Jeanna Raphael - Pace Center for Civic Engagement

The Pace Center believes strongly that preparing to do service well and learn through service is key to student’s growth as individuals and the benefit of communities. As a part of that…

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Buddhist Practice Theory and Animal Ethics

Abstract: In this talk on Buddhism and animals I depart from the approach taken in the recent book Unfortunate Destiny on animals in Buddhism. I am not going to be analyzing ideological and…

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Righting the American Dream with Diane Winston and Rachel Brown-Weinstock

A conversation with Diane Winston, author of Righting the American Dream: How the Media Mainstreamed Reagan's Evangelical Vision, a provocative new history of how the news media facilitated the…

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Violence, Ethics, and Social Media, Jeffery Chen, UG '25 (2765310)

For many of us, social media is an integral part of our everyday lives. But the ramifications of social media can go beyond just an unfunny post or angry response; on more than one occasion, social…

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Human-level reasoning without the need for an inhuman learning paradigm?, Nobline Yoo, UG '23 (2272767)

Two-dimensional human pose estimation is a challenging task, where the goal is to localize key anatomical landmarks (e.g. elbows, knees, shoulders), given an image of a person in some pose. Current…

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Masters of Finance - Full Group

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Prentice Lecture, Karen ní Mheallaigh - "The Moon and the Map in the Ancient World"

The Prentice Lecture for The Department of Classics

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Humanities Expedition and Lab (2022)

The Humanities Expedition and Lab: graduate students exploring the wide landscape of innovation in the humanities. The program exposes graduate students–before they even start…

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