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PLI Symposium: Full

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PLI Symposium 2024: Jonathan Mummolo

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Inoculating Belief: Tracing Vaccine Hesitancy and Decision-Making in Muslim America, Aisha F Chebbi, UG '24 (3F6DE991)

This research project seeks to explore vaccine hesitancy among Muslims living in the United States. Its purpose is part of a series of work aiming to expand the visibility of Muslim-American…

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Controlled in situ Assembly of Biocompatible Polymers, Sanjana Venkatesh, UG '26 (2D0A2083)

What happens when we infuse cells and biological tissues with human-made materials? The possibilities are endless; we open up a new world for interacting with our cells, from measuring minuscule…

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The Basis of Hurricane-Induced Performance in a Lizard, Princeton Vaughn, GS (C885856D)

Hurricanes are devastatingly powerful storms and are only becoming more common and intense as climate change progresses. In addition to billions of dollars in damage each year, these storms alter…

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Mossavar Seminar: An Old War for New Purposes: Contemporary Sacred Defense Cinema and Iran's Divided State and Society (4.17.2024)

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Wald, Robert, March 18, 2024, "Black Holes Decohere Quantum Superpositions"

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Quantum Day Full Video

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President's Town Hall - 2/21/2024

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Sinews of the Soul: Comparing Christian Baptism and Indigenous Adoption

For all of the real and important contrasts between them, the Indigenous peoples and French Catholic colonists who encountered one another in 17th-century New France were both convinced that…

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Coffee With a Codex: Astrology, Astronomy, Religion (LJS 361)

Coffee With A Codex is an informal lunch or coffee time to meet virtually with Kislak Curator Dot Porter and talk about one of the manuscripts from Penn's collections. Each week we'll…

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Alicia Diaz performance Chancellor Green November 2, 2023

Alicia Diaz performance November 2nd, 2023 Chancellor Green Rotunda.

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Princeton University Orchestra: "Halloween with Sinfonia"

Make the most of the last days before Halloween. This year’s Sinfonia concert program will set the tone with enchanted and haunted landscapes. Alongside familiar symphonic titles, including The…

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Disability, Embodiment, and the Limits of Knowledge: Religion and the Public Conversation with Sarah Imhoff

Sarah Imhoff is Professor of Religious Studies and the Borns Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University Bloomington. She is the author most recently of The Lives of Jessie Sampter: Queer, Disabled,…

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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Julien Martin

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Julien Martin "Life-history evolution in a changing environment: a 2 tailsstory"

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