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Anschutz Lecture: "Activism @ the Intersection of Race and Youth: Prarie View A &M University, Black Colleges and the Fight for Voting Rights" (11.9.23)

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A Conversation with Ruth J. Simmons and Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Join us for the AAS Conversation Series featuring Ruth J. Simmons, moderated by Eddie S. Glaude Jr., as they explore the transformative themes of identity and resilience in Dr. Simmons' book…

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TigerSafe Reel 5: What to Do if You're Locked Out

TigerSafe has lots of useful information in case you get locked out of your residence. Here's the run-down on what to do if you find yourself stuck without your prox card.

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President's Pre-Read - Class of 2027

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Class of 2027 Orientation - Step Sing

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Welcome to the eLab Demo Day July, 31, 2023

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Welcome to NCW Class of 2027

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Welcome, Class of 2027!

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Yeh College - Class of 2027 Welcome

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Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine Information Session

Maria Zimmerman, Director of Admissions at LKSOM will join us to talk about the medical program and what they're looking for in future trainees. Learn about Lewis Katz School of Medicine

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Rockefeller College - Welcome Class of 2027

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Whitman Welcome for Class of 2027

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Between National Politics and International Intellectual Influences: Development of Nanjing University Chemistry & Physics Departments, 1902-1937, Julia Zhou, UG '24 (2269588)

Close inspection of Nanjing’s University charter and administrative-level official documents reveals the deep, early influences of Japanese education models on the structure of the Physics and…

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On Sunken Land: The Environmental and Social Impacts of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam in Brazil, Coley Rose Martin, UG '23 (2272645)

In October of 1982, a Brazilian and Paraguayan company known as Itaipu Binacional closed the side canals of the Itaipu hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River in Brazil, launching an ambitious…

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Therapy is for Westerners: Inadequacies Measuring Bangladeshi Anxiety & Depression, Imaan Khasru, UG '23 (2267901)

Most tools to assess & diagnose psychological disorders are developed in the West via testing on Western populations, and then used on non-Western populations. We assume these tools are reliable…

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