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Documenting Violence: Surveying Haitian Perspectives and Experiences Amidst Governance Turmoil and Escalating Gang Violence, Gil Sander Joseph, UG '25 (716B9055)

Haiti is going through a particularly tumultuous period in its recent history marked by a complex governance crisis and the expansion of geographic and political control of gangs over Haitian…

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Schizotypy Correlates with Poor Event Segmentation: Insights for Schizophrenia Spectrum, Cara Suliman Khalifeh, UG '24 (C597FE4F)

Schizophrenia is a spectrum of mental disorders that impair individuals' ability to perceive and understand their environment. A critical aspect of understanding our environment is our ability…

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The Swarm Garden: A Human-Swarm Interactive Platform for Self-Adaptive Art, Architecture and Dance Performance, Jad Bendarkawi, UG '24, Yenet Tafesse, UG'24 (F258874D)

The Swarm Garden represents a combination of swarm robotics, architecture, and art, developed through the collaboration between the Self-Organizing Swarms and Robotics Lab and the Form Finding Lab.…

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Thinking About Pain, the Brain, and You, Toru Obunge, UG '24 (F39094D0)

There is growing research into psychological treatments for pain conditions, such as music therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), and mindfulness-based interventions. However, a unifying…

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Grass-Roof Homes as Grassroots Hubs: Intentional Communities on the Frontlines of Sustainability Policy in the U.S. and Canada, Jasper Lydon, UG '24 (857A4A4F)

Amid America’s growing social and environmental sustainability crisis, this thesis brings a new possibility to policymakers. Collective residential cooperatives, commonly called Intentional…

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Equipping AI with Long Term Memory, Quan Shi (Ben), UG '24 (E105AB04)

AI chat models, such as ChatGPT, are restricted by how much text they can process at once during interactions. To alleviate this, we investigate augmenting AI with an external read-write memory,…

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Paloma Medical Spanish Colombia March 2024 (English subtitles)

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SPA 204 - Colombia 2024

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Sophomore Research Seminar: Panel 3

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Carrington Johnson '24 - Open House 2024

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Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar Rahmani Lecture - Conditional Belonging: The Racialization of Iranians in the Wake of Anti-Muslim Politics

A compelling account of how race and politics have affected Iranian immigrants in the United States and Germany. Iranians have a complex and contradictory relationship with race. Though categorized…

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CITP Seminar Brooke Erin Duffy - Visibility in the Creator Economy: Navigating the Promises and Precarities of Platform Labor

Amid mounting legal and financial strife, mainstream platform companies—from Meta and YouTube to TikTok and Twitch–are doubling down on their idealistic framing of the digital…

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2023-2024 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellows - Pasquale Toscano


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First -Year Families Weekend: "International Opportunities Panel" (10.1.2023)

Panel Discussion: International Opportunities. Discover Princeton’s global perspective and future opportunities for students to participate in international internships, study abroad, and…

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Princeton Prospective PhD Preview: "Grad Futures: Focus on Future You(s)" Sonali-Majumdar

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Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine Information Session

Maria Zimmerman, Director of Admissions at LKSOM will join us to talk about the medical program and what they're looking for in future trainees. Learn about Lewis Katz School of Medicine

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