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Kalila and Dimna - Kai Le

Fables and Foibles: Kalila and Dimna’s Lessons in Medieval Rulership

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The Revolutionary Officeholder: Democracy and Representation in Socialist Revolution, Theodore Gross, UG '24 (E0B1E3DB)

This thesis seeks to combat the dominant view that socialist revolutions are inherently authoritarian endeavors opposed to democratic values. In response, we apply a lens of representative democracy…

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Freedom Fighting Under The Oppression: The Experience of Non-Violent Struggle Under Dictatorship in Belarus

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NJ AI Summit - Remarks from Christopher Eisgruber and Phil Murphy

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NJ AI Summit - Luncheon Keynote with Brad Smith

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The Department of African American Studies at Princeton University

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PIIRS Global Existential Challenges - Crime and Punishment (2.08.24)

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ReMatch+ Intern- James Morales

Understanding US Support for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Advised by: Prof. Mark R. Beissinger, Politics Jacob Tucker, Politics

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“Thorns of the White Saffron”—A study of Political Polarization in India and the US, Aly Rashid, UG '26 (3993447)

The growing degree of political polarization across the world which has yielded power to increasingly nationalistic leaders. How large of a threat does political polarization pose to modern…

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How to Use MyPrincetonU

Lydia Owens, Pace Center department manager, provides an overview for students with the Pace Center for Civic Engagement on how to use MyPrincetonU.

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Global Existential Challenges: Democratic Challenges & Backsliding in the Global North

Speakers: Mark R. Beissinger, Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politics. Jan-Werner Müller, Roger Williams Straus Professor of Social Sciences. Director, Program in Political Philosophy. Kim L.…

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2022 Inclusive Academy Symposium Recap Video

The inaugural Inclusive Academy (IA) Symposium is an in-person two-day diversity conference focused on supporting graduate students and post-doctoral scholars from underrepresented backgrounds,…

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SPIA - Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

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PUEA 2021 Conference Day 2: Keynote 2 - Alicia Barton

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Welcome to Community Action 2021

Welcome Class of 2025 and transfer students to Community Action! In this video, Community Action Program Director Sara Gruppo and Community Action Program Coordinator Maggie Hussar share what to…

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