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Mullin, Megan, May 21, 2024, "Commentary: Governing Climate Mobilities at Various Scales"

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Towards the Commercialization of Flexible Electronics: Improving the Lifetime of Perovskite LEDs, Gina Arnau, UG '26 (A0284BEC)

Metal Halide Perovskites are a new class of semiconductor materials that have really good electronic properties. Not only are they more adaptable and cheaper to produce compared to current…

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The Swarm Garden: A Human-Swarm Interactive Platform for Self-Adaptive Art, Architecture and Dance Performance, Jad Bendarkawi, UG '24, Yenet Tafesse, UG'24 (F258874D)

The Swarm Garden represents a combination of swarm robotics, architecture, and art, developed through the collaboration between the Self-Organizing Swarms and Robotics Lab and the Form Finding Lab.…

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Equipping AI with Long Term Memory, Quan Shi (Ben), UG '24 (E105AB04)

AI chat models, such as ChatGPT, are restricted by how much text they can process at once during interactions. To alleviate this, we investigate augmenting AI with an external read-write memory,…

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Layer-By-Layer Fabrication Framework for Self-Folding Origami for Metamaterial and Robotic Applications, David C. Bershadsky, UG '24 (A8DB0823)

This work presents a new technique for the fabrication self folding origami structures for use in robotics and metamaterial applications. The technique builds upon prior work using liquid crystal…

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Carrington Johnson '24 - Open House 2024

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Bradford Seminar: "Designing Effective Environmental and Conservation Policies: The Role of Collective Incentives"

Kathleen Segerson is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of Connecticut. She is an environmental economist, with a strong interest in collaborative…

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Introduction to GPU Computing

This video presents materials for getting started with running GPU codes on the Princeton Research Computing clusters. It also provides an introduction to writing CUDA kernels and examples of using…

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"Music Making in Iran from the Fifteenth to the Early Twentieth Century" lecture by Amir Hosein Pourjavady

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OIT - Annual Performance Review 2024

This video walks employees through the new annual performance review form.

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Designing Representative Collaborative Policy Making

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Sonia Chernova Lecture "Autonomy in the Human World: Developing Robots that Handle the Diversity of Human Lives"

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