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Undergraduate Students - Why Slavic

Undergraduates explain Why Slavic.

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Emotional Manipulation in the Era of Misinformation: Investigating the Interplay of Emotions, Fake News, and Social Media Algorithms, Anjali Kapoor, UG '24 (EB8536AD)

Fake news can have extremely harmful effects on society, such as increasing polarization, instilling distrust in the media and government, inciting violence, andencouraging dangerous health…

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Having Connections––Roots of the Pare Pare System on Guam, Seyoung Choung, UG '25 (219D978E)

“Having Connections––Roots of the Pare Pare System on Guam” seeks to explore the historical roots of the ‘pare pare system’ on Guam, an island in the Marianas…

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How Does Estrogen Impact the Brain? A Study on the Interaction between Estrogen Depletion and Microglia, Sebastian Mehrzad, UG '26, Ida Narli, UG '26 (C6410DF1)

Estrogen is a sex hormone that plays different roles in the brain versus in the periphery. Notably, low levels of estrogen have been shown to be associated with spatial memory impairment and object…

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Public Elementary Teaching in NJ: A Portrait of An Occupation in Crisis , Grace Coller, UG '26 (E7868335)

With efforts being made at the national, state and local levels, through legislative and executive means, to address the teacher labor shortage, why is the shortage so persistent? Many scholars…

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Schizotypy Correlates with Poor Event Segmentation: Insights for Schizophrenia Spectrum, Cara Suliman Khalifeh, UG '24 (C597FE4F)

Schizophrenia is a spectrum of mental disorders that impair individuals' ability to perceive and understand their environment. A critical aspect of understanding our environment is our ability…

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DNA Methylation and Hibernation Timing in Yellow-bellied Marmots (Marmota flaviventris), Colby McArthur, UG '24 (0C5F0113)

Yellow-bellied marmots are a hibernating species of rodent in the Rocky Mountains whose hibernation emergence has become earlier as climate change makes snow melt earlier. This gives them more time…

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Textual and Critical Analysis of a Video Game Series Through Interactive Data Visualization, Tri Giao Vu Dinh, UG '24 (DD456A5A)

In this project, I combine quantitative, statistical, and algorithmic methods from different disciplines of study to perform critical analysis on the in-game textual content of the Fire Emblem video…

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Is a Bright Future Ahead of Us? The Perception of Large-Scale Social Progress Among South Asian Americans with Variations in Depressive Traits, Sana Asifriyaz, UG '25 (B122A141)

Prior socio-psychological research has found that a belief in social progress motivates prosocial behaviors as well as emotional and behavioral well-being in individuals (Rutjens et al., 2010).…

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Intra-host HIV-1 Evolutionary Dynamics in Antiretroviral Therapy-Experienced People: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Clinical Studies, Sarah Mirae Choi, UG '24 (F4573D0A)

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS has aimed for 95% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) to have received their diagnosis, 95% of diagnosed PLHIV to have accessed treatment, and 95% of these…

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The Science of Science Communication: Are Explanations with Jargon Considered Better or Worse?, Francisco Cruz, GS (9288DB1D)

As we learn more about the world, it becomes impossible to master everything that is known. People have to specialize in one area and consult experts for information on other domains. But how can…

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James Madison Program "The End of Free Speech is the End of Science" lecture by Jay Bhattacharya

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Jack Thompson '23 (in Brazil) Open House 2024

This video was not presented in open house but was prepared for that event

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CITP Lecture: Manoel Horta Ribeiro - Content Curation in Online Platforms

Online platforms like Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and LinkedIn are embedded in the very fabric of our society. They “curate content”: moderate, recommend, and monetize it, and, in doing…

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2023-2024 Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellows - Ryan Unger


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FPUL Small Talk Jan 2024 Christie Henry "The Evolution of the Reader"

The Friends of PUL host Christie Henry, Director of Princeton University Press, for an insightful discussion around “The Evolution of the Reader.” The book has been described as one of…

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