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Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar Rahmani Center Lecture: "Social Inequality Before and After the Revolution in Iran"

Rising inequality sparked Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution and like all popular revolutions the Islamic Republic espoused economic justice as its main objective. The fact that four decades…

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"The Intimate Lives of Books In The 1979 Iranian Revolution" by Naghmeh Sohrabi

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Chlamy 2023 Awards Ceremony

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E-cadherin: Biological Glue to Improve Cell-Material Adhesion, Youn Kyoung (Elena) Cho, GS (2279756)

Biomedical devices that penetrate the skin, such as implants and vascular access devices, rely on a stable attachment between the tissue and material to prevent complications. If the adhesion fails…

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Most, Elias, February 10, 2023, "Beyond Ideal: Towards the inclusion of Kinetic Effects in Relativistic MHD Simulations"

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von Fellenberg, Sabastiano, February 10, 2023 "A Characteristic Flare Shape for NIR and X-Ray Flares of Sgr A*"

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Meet Jenny Wagner

Jenny Wagner is Assistant Director for Internships at the Pace Center.

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CITP Seminar: Mor Naaman – “My AI Must Have Been Broken”: How AI Stands to Reshape Human Communication

From autocomplete and smart replies to video filters and deepfakes, we increasingly live in a world where communication between humans is augmented by artificial intelligence. AI often operates on…

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FPUL Fall Dinner October 2022 - Peter Dougherty

"Whadya Know? A Publisher Considers the Literature of Useful Knowledge" Peter Dougherty, Editor--at-Large, Princeton University Press Friends of Princeton University Library The Fall…

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Humanities Expedition and Lab (2022)

The Humanities Expedition and Lab: graduate students exploring the wide landscape of innovation in the humanities. The program exposes graduate students–before they even start…

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