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Cosmic Inflation: Simulating the Formation of the Early Universe, David Shlivko, GS (D954902B)

The universe today is fascinatingly complex. Hundreds of billions of galaxies are each home to hundreds of billions of stars, planets, and other astronomical objects. But 14 billion years ago, the…

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1.54 Carry On with Dignity

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The Hottest Worlds in the Universe, Samuel Yee, G4 (3958227)

The first planets to be discovered orbiting stars other than our Sun -- exoplanets -- were a type of planet we hadn't expected, based on our expectations from our own solar system. We call these…

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A smooth R^3 index for N=2 theories in four dimensions

Talk by Andrew Neitzke at Strings 2014 on June 27, 2014 in Richardson Auditorium

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