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Fixing Bugs in Democracy: Dave Daley & Sam Wang, A Second Conversation

David Daley explored how we can fight for change in his new book, "Unrigged: How Americans are Battling Back to Save Democracy." In this followup video to an earlier conversation, Professor…

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Fixing Bugs in Democracy: The Electoral College - Jesse Wegman with Julian Selizer and Sam Wang

Jesse Wegman is a journalist, author, and New York Times Editorial Board Member. In his new book, Wegman asks a simple question: how can we tolerate the Electoral College when every vote does not…

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English Class Day 2020

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Inside Firestone Library

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Pandemic! What Do and Don’t We Know? Robert P. George in Conversation with Nicholas A. Christakis

Professor Christakis is a leading authority on contagions, both biological and ideological. He has been a very important voice in ensuring that consideration of COVID-19 is fact-based and rooted in…

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The Rise and Fall of the Judeo-Christian Consensus

Catholics, Protestants, and Jews are not well known for getting along; throughout the twentieth century, however, Americans of all three faiths formed a religious consensus that rested on a shared…

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A Simplified Approach to Interacting Bose Gases_Ian Jauslin

I will discuss some new results about an effective theory introduced by Lieb in 1963 to approximate the ground state energy of interacting Bosons at low density. In this regime, it agrees with the…

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Princeton Research Day 2019 Jim Stone Attend Testimonial

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