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Meet Yi-Ching Ong

Yi-Ching Ong is senior associate director and Service Focus program director at the Pace Center.

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10.13.22 JMP Lecture

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10.39 Khutbah on Ascetism and Generosity of the Prophet Muhammad

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7.3 Ambition for Allah

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4.42 The Virtue of Chastity

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1.5 Commentary on Imam al Haddads Book of Assistance

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Braided Systems of Care: An Anthropological Exploration of the Interface of Western Biomedicine and Traditional Healing Practices, Sydnae Taylor, UG '23 (3968056)

What is health? This ostensibly simple question often provokes pause in most people who attempt an answer. Although there are definitions to this question, in reality people gauge their health…

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2021 Undergraduate Alumni Lecture

2021 Undergraduate Alumni Lecture

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"Weird Romance": Adaptation Error and the Science Fiction Musical, Violet Gautreau UG '22 (2312495)

This paper analyzes how James Tiptree, Jr’s science fiction novella “The Girl Who Was Plugged In” (1974) was adapted for the musical theatre stage. Reviewers unanimously attacked…

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Forced Womenhood! IHUM workshop with Rio Sofia

Rio Sofia first encountered sissification porn, where men are forced into womanhood as a form of punishment or humiliation, through fetish magazines. This rich underground visual language complicated…

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