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Panel Session Q and A, May 21, 2024, "Governing Climate Mobilities at Various Scales"

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Vinke, Kira, May 20, 2024, "Interrogating Climate (Im-)Mobilities"

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Set-up Concur Profile

In this task, we will review how to set-up your Concur profile.

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Automating Photomask Design: Coupled Ring Quantum Cascade Lasers, Rosy Monaghan, UG '24 (66EBF7FE)

Quantum cascade lasers are a type of semiconductor laser that operate in the mid to far infrared region. Due to their unique properties, such as compact design, fast recovery gain time and operation…

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Public Elementary Teaching in NJ: A Portrait of An Occupation in Crisis , Grace Coller, UG '26 (E7868335)

With efforts being made at the national, state and local levels, through legislative and executive means, to address the teacher labor shortage, why is the shortage so persistent? Many scholars…

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Join(t)ing the Past and Present: The History, Construction, and Structural Properties of the Traditional Japanese Daimochi Tsugi Timber Joint, Akaneh Wang, UG '24 (7BC529DA)

Heritage structures serve as a record of the past and symbolize enduring connections between a community’s culture and history. While historical Japanese timber joints built by miyadaiku…

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The Science of Science Communication: Are Explanations with Jargon Considered Better or Worse?, Francisco Cruz, GS (9288DB1D)

As we learn more about the world, it becomes impossible to master everything that is known. People have to specialize in one area and consult experts for information on other domains. But how can…

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The Gutenberg Bible

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Princeton Robotics Seminar: "A Reflection on How to Learn, Learning to Help, and Staying out of the Way" - Baffour Osei Lecture

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Diwali at the Chapel (11.4.2023)

Inaugurated in 2008, Diwali at the Chapel has since become the university's largest and grandest celebration of Diwali on campus. Each year, more than 500 people-students, faculty, staff and…

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Penn Library's LJS 57 - Astronomical anthology (Video Orientation)

Video Orientation to the University of Pennsylvania Library's LJS 57 - Astronomical anthology. A collection of astronomical texts, including a copy of a treatise on the calendar originally…

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Tiger Night 2023

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OURSIP Intern - Derek Geng

Object Rearrangement with Computer Vision Advised by: Prof. Jia Deng, Computer Science Beining Han, Computer Science

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OURSIP Intern - Mila Bileska

Spectroscopy Of Ytterbium Rydberg States and Interactions Advised by: Prof. Jeff Thompson, Electrical and Computer Engineering

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AAS - Juneteenth 2023

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