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Unlocking Sustainable Cultural Transitions, Kelly Finke, GS (2CD1CD4B)

Combating climate change will require sweeping cultural transitions towards sustainable lifestyles and societies. However, clear pathways to achieve global behavior change are severely lacking,…

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Is it an Animal?: Reconstructing Ancient Fossils with Machine Learning, Advik Eswaran, UG '27 (7B7798F6)

My research project was on generating a 3D reconstruction of ancient fossils (565 million years old) from Siberia. Working with over 2000 cross-sectional images of the fossil sample, which is encased…

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DNA Methylation and Hibernation Timing in Yellow-bellied Marmots (Marmota flaviventris), Colby McArthur, UG '24 (0C5F0113)

Yellow-bellied marmots are a hibernating species of rodent in the Rocky Mountains whose hibernation emergence has become earlier as climate change makes snow melt earlier. This gives them more time…

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How Climate Change Affects the Resilience of Future Renewable Energy Systems, Luo Xu, Postdoctoral Research Associate (7EAE9015)

Climate change is no longer a distant threat but a present reality, with a 78% rise in weather-related power outages in the U.S. over the past decade. Our high-resolution analysis of power outage…

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Fiber Formation Based on Nonequilibrated Aqueous Two-phase Systems, Maria Luisa Parada, UG '26 (751583FB)

Liquid-liquid phase separation is a fascinating and ever-evolving phenomenon that has captured renewed attention, particularly in the fields of biology and material synthesis. Our focus has been on…

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Grass-Roof Homes as Grassroots Hubs: Intentional Communities on the Frontlines of Sustainability Policy in the U.S. and Canada, Jasper Lydon, UG '24 (857A4A4F)

Amid America’s growing social and environmental sustainability crisis, this thesis brings a new possibility to policymakers. Collective residential cooperatives, commonly called Intentional…

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The Basis of Hurricane-Induced Performance in a Lizard, Princeton Vaughn, GS (C885856D)

Hurricanes are devastatingly powerful storms and are only becoming more common and intense as climate change progresses. In addition to billions of dollars in damage each year, these storms alter…

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Global Poverty and Precarity (4.4.24)

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CCSR - Islam and Antiblackness (4.03.24)

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Bradford Seminar: Developing A Climate Vulnerability Index for Advancing Community Level Climate Resilience

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Global Existential Challenges - Environmental Challenges and Innovations (3.08.24)

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Princeton - SPIA Globalization, the U.S. Economy, and Political Backlash Live Stream

Political support for the globalization of the American economy seems to have fallen dramatically in the past decade. While from the start of Ronald Reagan's presidency (1980) through the end of…

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Bradford Seminar Series: "Artificial Intelligence for Climate Change Mitigation Roadmap"

David Sandalow is the Inaugural Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy and Director of the Energy and Environment Concentration at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia…

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Bradford Seminar Series: "Can Trade Policy Mitigate Climate Change"

Trade policy is often cast as a solution to the free-riding problem in international climate agreements. This paper uncovers the extent to which trade policy can deliver on this promise. We introduce…

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C-PREE/ Bradford Seminar Series: "Small Modular Reactors And Other Nuclear Fantasies"

M.V. Ramana is the Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security and Professor at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He was…

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FPUL Small Talk Jan 2024 Christie Henry "The Evolution of the Reader"

The Friends of PUL host Christie Henry, Director of Princeton University Press, for an insightful discussion around “The Evolution of the Reader.” The book has been described as one of…

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