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9.27.22 The Impact of the Attack in Benghazi and the War in Libya on American Domestic and Foreign Politics

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Do Assault Weapons Bans Really Save Lives: Moving Beyond Politics, Jacob Alayof, UG '23 (3958044)

I examine the real-world efficacy of an assault weapons ban. This is achieved through a difference-in-differences model that uses the variation of legislation between states as a natural experiment.…

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Bradford Seminar: "Radiation Exposures and Compensation of Victims from French Nuclear Testing in the Pacific"by Sébastien Philippe

Between 1966 and 1996, France conducted 193 atmospheric and underground nuclear weapons tests in Polynesia in the Southern Pacific Ocean, affecting the environment and the health of local communities…

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Beowulf and Alien

Gina Brandolino compares Beowulf and Alien. View the full resource page here.

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National Sovereignty and International Institutions

Secretary George P. Shultz (a 1942 Princeton graduate, as he received the University's first John Witherspoon Medal for Distinguished Statesmanship)

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Dealing With Iran's Nuclear Program

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Conference Keynote Q&A for Ethnography of Iran: Past and Present

Professor William O. Beeman (University of Minnesota) answers audience questions following the keynote address for Ethnography of Iran: Past and Present, Princeton’s first conference examining…

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PU-RGoldston - Lecture 11 - Profliferation

Professor Rob Goldston, Princeton University

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After That Mountain, Yet Another: The Challenge of Denuclearizing North Korea

Evans Revere ’76 *94, Diplomat-in-Residence, Woodrow Wilson School discusses the foreign policy challenges associated with the Korean peninsula, its history, and the nuclear threat of North…

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