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Slavery: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Tori Tinsley, UG '24 (90ED54C3)

This thesis defends Plato’s Allegory by arguing that physical and mental freedom are necessary for human freedom. These freedoms are necessary because they fulfill the precondition for human…

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Inoculating Belief: Tracing Vaccine Hesitancy and Decision-Making in Muslim America, Aisha F Chebbi, UG '24 (3F6DE991)

This research project seeks to explore vaccine hesitancy among Muslims living in the United States. Its purpose is part of a series of work aiming to expand the visibility of Muslim-American…

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TigerJunction, Joshua Lau, UG '26 (85D0E676)

TigerJunction is a comprehensive course planning application created independently (not part of any course, organization, or department) by Joshua Lau. Other student applications like ReCal and…

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The Revolutionary Officeholder: Democracy and Representation in Socialist Revolution, Theodore Gross, UG '24 (E0B1E3DB)

This thesis seeks to combat the dominant view that socialist revolutions are inherently authoritarian endeavors opposed to democratic values. In response, we apply a lens of representative democracy…

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Volunteer 101 by Jeanna Raphael - Pace Center for Civic Engagement

The Pace Center believes strongly that preparing to do service well and learn through service is key to student’s growth as individuals and the benefit of communities. As a part of that…

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20240111_Events101_Building Services

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Freeing the Mind: What Truly Matters in a Princeton Education - Sanjeev Kulkarni and Robert George

What’s the point of a Princeton education? What is liberal arts learning all about? How can students make the most of opportunities afforded to them by liberal arts colleges and universities?…

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How Does ChatGPT Work? An Overview of Large Language Models (Part 3 of 3)

Speakers: Ameet Deshpande and Alexander Wettig, Computer Science Department, Princeton University This presentation gives an overview of the key technologies behind ChatGPT with a discussion of…

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Revathi_Vellai Mozhi_11.17.2022 Subtitles

An autobiographical play performed by its author, A. Revathi, a transgender writer, performer, and activist from Tamil Nadu in South India. The play is entitled "Vellai Mozhi--Frankly…

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9.3 Ramadan and the Quran Part 2

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7.6 Disenchantment

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4.36 Be Servants of the Merciful: Quran’ic Ethics

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1.35 The Power of Sincerity

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1.31 The Attitude of Patience

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FPUL Annual Dinner: Stanley N. Katz "Where do the Humanities Go in the Post-Truth Age?" May 1, 2022

Friends of Princeton University Library host their Annual Dinner on May 1, 2022, with featured speaker Stanley N. Katz, American historian, Director of the Princeton University Center for Arts and…

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