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Harmonizing Sound and Light: MIDI-Enabled LED Visualization System, Kalu James Christopher Obasi, UG '25 (704C3684)

This report presents an innovative approach to music visualization, focusing on creating an interactive electronic system that provides users with a multi-sensory music-making experience. The system…

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Coins of Axum (medieval Africa) in the Princeton University Collection

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HPA Applicant Information Session for 2025 Matriculation

All students and alumni who might apply for admission to medical or dental school for Fall 2025 matriculation must attend a mandatory information session. The session will cover the HPA…

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First -Year Families Weekend: "International Opportunities Panel" (10.1.2023)

Panel Discussion: International Opportunities. Discover Princeton’s global perspective and future opportunities for students to participate in international internships, study abroad, and…

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First-Year Families Weekend: "Academic Advising Panel" (10.1.2023)

Panel Discussion: Academic Pathways and Academic Advising at Princeton. A student panel of Peer Academic Advisers (PAAs) will discuss the range of academic pathways through Princeton and the role of…

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OURSIP Intern - Derek Geng

Object Rearrangement with Computer Vision Advised by: Prof. Jia Deng, Computer Science Beining Han, Computer Science

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Using mathematical models to inform Princeton’s COVID-19 testing guidelines, Sang Woo Park, GS (2278385)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our campus over the last few years. To mitigate the number of infections, many COVID-19 policies were introduced on campus, including vaccination…

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What Is Undergraduate Research Anyway? (OUR Infosession 9.27.22)

In this OUR infosession, Assistant Director Caitlin Larracey details the definition of undergraduate research, talks through the benefits of undergraduate research, offers resources for how to get…

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Prehealth Academics Part I Webinar

This program is for anyone who wants to learn more about the prehealth prerequisite requirements. We'll cover basic prehealth prerequisites, AP credits, courses, and major choices. Watch the…

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FPUL Annual Dinner: Presentation to Randy Hill, May 1, 2022

Presentation to Randy Hill, honoring his six-year tenure as Chair of the FPUL.

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Princeton Mellon Forum "Reframing Repairing"

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ECE Graduate Student Visit March 10, 2022

Hybrid Zoom Event

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Rethinking Grades: How to Implement Alternative Grading Strategies in the Classroom

In this “how to” session, a panel of four Princeton faculty shared practical advice as they described their implementation of alternative grading approaches in their classes, designed to…

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Butler College Families Welcome Webinar

The staff of Butler College at Princeton introduces themselves and answers any questions that families have to ask.

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