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Who Says So?, Denis Peskoff, PD (3684202)

"We imagine you’ve been reading as much about generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately as we have, especially the new program, ChatGPT, which some observers suggest might have…

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10.32 Deen’s Date - Preparing for the Hereafter

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Social Reward Shapes Confirmation of Interpersonal Expectations, Jean Luo, UG '21 (2304968)

Human minds use categories to process the constant onslaught of information from the environment. A direct consequence of this use of categories has also made people susceptible to relying too much…

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The Enduring Relevance of Humanities Education, Alumni-Faculty Forum, Reunions 2020

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Princeton 2020 Commencement

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6.5 Hierarchy Part 5: Making Changes After Finalizing a Coeus Proposal Hierarchy

Coeus Training - Coeus Proposal Hierarchy Part 5: Making changes to a hierarchy after copying it.

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pinnion_wp_plugin_screencast.mp4 (iPad).mp4

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