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ReMatch+ Intern - May Tieu

Identity in Professional Sports

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Social Reward Shapes Confirmation of Interpersonal Expectations, Jean Luo, UG '21 (2304968)

Human minds use categories to process the constant onslaught of information from the environment. A direct consequence of this use of categories has also made people susceptible to relying too much…

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Social Justice in Language Education: Realities, Challenges, and Possibilities

This talk will examine how intersections of critical and social justice perspectives are transforming and redefining the traditional goals and purposes of language education. The interdisciplinary…

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Psychology Social Seminar 11-16-2020: Jazmin Brown Iannuzzi

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Stereotypes: Whistling Vivaldi

Susan Fiske, Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology, presents Overcoming 21st Century Biases: Ideas for Institutional Change during the 2015 Academic Mini Reunion.

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2011 Princeton Prize Symposium on Race Overview

Interview excerpts and symposium activities of the 4th Princeton Prize Symposium on Race, featuring the 2011 winners of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations.

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How Stereotypes Can Shape Intellectual Performance and Identity

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