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What Does It Mean to Interpret the Constitution?

Do Supreme Court justices really just call balls and strikes, or are the Court’s decisions merely politics by another name? When we read that judges are originalists or favor a living…

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2020 Princeton University Constitution Day Lecture

Keith E. Whittington, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Politics at Princeton University, speaks on “Freedom of Thought and the Struggle to End Slavery.” Introduction and Q & A…

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Constitutional Interpretation and the Common Good

James Madison Program Constitution Day EventFunded by the Bouton Law Lecture Fund September 17, 2020John O. McGinnis, George C. Dix Professor of Constitutional Law, Pritzker School of Law,…

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2019 University Constitution Day Lecture

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James Madison’s Constitution: In Order to Establish Justice

Lynn Uzzell, Scholar in Residence, Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution, James Madison’s Montpelier Respondents: Darren Staloff, Professor of History, The City College of New York and…

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Slavery and the U.S. Constitution

Slavery and the U.S. Constitution Sean Wilentz, Commentary by Sarah Rivett September 16, 2015 Princeton University

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Two Roads from 1787: Elective Dictatorship or Deadlock?

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