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Drone Video Polo Picnic 2022

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Join(t)ing the Past and Present: The History, Construction, and Structural Properties of the Traditional Japanese Daimochi Tsugi Timber Joint, Akaneh Wang, UG '24 (7BC529DA)

Heritage structures serve as a record of the past and symbolize enduring connections between a community’s culture and history. While historical Japanese timber joints built by miyadaiku…

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Safest Speaker 1: Bill Broadhurst

Talk from Bill Broadhurst, Director, Campus Energy, at Greening Up the Lab: Spring Festival of Safety and Sustainability held April 17, 2024. Part of the Sa[Fest] series of events hosted by the…

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Next G Seminar- "Regular Sparse NOMA: Ultimate Performance in Closed Form" Lecture by Ori Shental

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ACEE Highlight Seminar "How Will We Manage Future Load Peaks From Electric Heating in New York State?"

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Elastic Shear Buckling Analysis of Low-Frequency Sinusoid Bridge Plate Girders, Eleni Retzepis, UG '24 (2276709)

Flat steel web plates are used in various structural applications such as in plate girders in bridges to transfer large loads across long spans. However, these plates are usually very slim, which…

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African Dance with Lazlo Nziga '23

In this video, Lazlo Nziga '23 teaches us some awesome African dance moves that we can put together to create our own choreography. Materials: none Adult supervision needed: none Age range: any…

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Butler Seminar - Michael Mina - Harvard - September 9, 2020

“SARS-CoV-2: Can we test our way out of this?” Abstract: The world wasn’t prepared for SARS-CoV-2. The public health infrastructure required to detect and stop global spread of a…

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