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5.7 On Jummah

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4.12 God and Good Adab

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4.2 Community and Moral Independence

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Targeted system optimization using inverse design, Prerit Terway, G4 (3958781)

Most systems have multiple objectives and constraints. For example, a company making a smartphone needs to increase the battery life, minimize the lag, and maximize the bandwidth. Solutions to these…

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Census Linking Project-Relevance to Current Issues

Ran Abramitzky discusses the Census Linking Project's relevance to current societal issues.

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JOURNALISM: Lovia Gyarkye '16 - Associate Editor of The NY Times Magazine Labs - Memorable Moments in the English Dept.

Seven recent alumni, who are in the fields of law, medicine, publishing, journalism, film, theater administration, and non-profit education, returned to campus to talk about their professional…

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