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10.29 Inviting Allah with Dua

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9.11 Attitude and Gratitude, Reflections on Surah al Kahf

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9.2 Ramadan and the Quran Part 1

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5.23 The Gift of Monotheism

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Prominent (and often Unsung) Women in Princeton's History

This spring Princeton University Press published The New Princeton Companion, a book it describes as “the definitive single-volume compendium of all things Princeton.” The author is…

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Nassau Sampler - Arlee's Raw Blends

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FILMMAKING: Lovell Holder '09 - Producer/Writer/Director - Why English Matters

Seven recent alumni, who are in the fields of law, medicine, publishing, journalism, film, theater administration, and non-profit education, returned to campus to talk about their professional…

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Fitting Tributes and Fine Brocades: The Politics of Gift Giving in Early Qajar Iran

Assef Ashraf, doctoral candidate in History (Yale University), explains the significance of gift-giving to the formation, political culture, governance, and economy of the Qajar state in early…

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