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Automating Photomask Design: Coupled Ring Quantum Cascade Lasers, Rosy Monaghan, UG '24 (66EBF7FE)

Quantum cascade lasers are a type of semiconductor laser that operate in the mid to far infrared region. Due to their unique properties, such as compact design, fast recovery gain time and operation…

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Exploring the Predictive Potential of ESM1-b on Identifying Sub-cellular Protein Localizations, Shazra Raza, UG '24 (ED8F687F)

Proteins, a fundamental component of all cellular processes, exhibit diverse functions which are dictated by their unique structures. Large language models (LLMs), such as ESM1-b, have recently…

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Serosim: Serosurvey Data Simulation R Package, Arthur Menezes, GS (D75FB0BF)

Public health researchers use serological studies to obtain serum samples from individuals and measure antibody levels against one or more pathogens. When paired with appropriate analytical methods,…

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Quantum Butterfly Effect, Saumya Shivam, GS (B55FA900)

Interacting quantum systems tend to behave like a random system at long times, independent of the microscopic nature of such systems. This is the generalization of the butterfly effect to quantum…

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Akemann, Gernot, March 19, 2024, "Fermionic systems low dimensions and random matrix theory"

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EEB 522 Seminar Series | Irene Salinas Remiro

EEB 522 Seminar Series Colloquium on the Biology of Populations Presented by Irene Salinas Remiro “The extraordinary immunobiology of the African lungfish”

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ReMatch Intern - Suhani Balachandran

Single-cell somatic mutations and genome-wide transcriptional dysregulation in cancer: a machine learning approach Mentors: Dr. Mona Singh; Dept of Computer Science, Lewis-Sigler Institute for…

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3D Object Reconstruction of Unseen and Unlabeled Point Clouds, Gene Chou, UG '22 (3963734)

Learning 3D representations of objects is a task at the heart of computer vision, robotic manipulation, scene understanding, medicine, and content generation. Implicit neural representations which…

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Psychology Colloquium 10-2-2020: Rob MacCoun

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Reasoning about Modular Programs: Part 1: Representation Invariants

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Ocaml Modules: Part 4: Module Evaluations

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Uncomputability: What We Can't Compute

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