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Who Plays First? Using Game Theory to Coordinate Many Robots, Haimin Hu, GS, and Zixu Zhang, GS (00A963B2)

On Monday morning, three auto-piloted jetliners are flying on a collision course. How should the air traffic controller reroute them to avoid collisions and minimize delays? Meanwhile, a fleet of…

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Safest Speaker 3: Ted Borer

Talk from Ted Borer, Director, Energy Plant, at Greening Up the Lab: Spring Festival of Safety and Sustainability held April 17, 2024. Part of the Sa[Fest] series of events hosted by the Office of…

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DEATHSTAR: A System for Confirming Planets and Identifying False-Positive Signals in TESS Data Using Ground-Based Time-Domain Surveys, Gabrielle Ross, UG '27 (E47E8636)

DEATHSTAR is a complete Python pipeline that confirms exoplanet discoveries, and is published under Ross et al. in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society December 2023…

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SoA Spring Lecture "Plants as Inventors"

Catherine Seavitt is Professor and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Stuart Weitzman School of Design. She is also the Martin and Margy…

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Fyodorov, Yan, March 18, 2024, "Replica-symmetry breaking transitions in the large deviations of the ground-state of a spherical spin-glass"

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C-PREE Bradford Seminar: ‘The Inflation Reduction Act: Triumphs, Challenges, and the Pursuit of True Environmental Justice’

Dana Johnson serves as senior director of strategy and federal policy at WE ACT for Environmental Justice and leads an advocacy, regulatory and policy-setting team. She conceptualized and co-hosted…

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Princeton Mellon Initiative - " A Living Tradition in a Foreign Land: Integrating Japanese Gardens in the Postwar American Landscape"

While prevailing academic discourse often interprets Japanese gardens primarily through an aesthetic lens, emphasizing their unchanging tradition and perceived cultural authenticity, this…

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COM LIT Lecture: Influence & Interference - Paul North - Notes on a Critical Theory out of Schelling (3.06.24)

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The Most Toxic Relationship of Royal Family History - Queen Eleanor and King Harry

This video summarizes the tumultuous marriage of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England. Like, Share, Subscribe I do not own the images or music. Music attribution: …

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Influence & Interference - Nathan Brown: "The Flowers of Andromache"

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CITP Seminar: Surya Mattu - Breaking The Black Box: How CITP’s Digital Witness Lab Uses Data-Driven Investigations to Expose Surveillance and Misinformation

The CITP Digital Witness Lab is a research initiative that collects data to expose surveillance, misinformation, and other harms on digital platforms. We build independent, public, and open-source…

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Mellon Forum- 'Faith Shines Equal'

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PLI CLosing Remarks

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Geo-Exchange on Princeton's Campus: Exchanging Antiquity with Sustainability, Angelica She, UG '26, Luke Miller, UG '26, Elisabeth Ruschmann UG '26 (3993465)

Our research focuses on three major scales of analysis: global, national, and campus-based. On a macro level, it was evident that an increase of carbon emissions correlated with an increase in global…

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Spatial Action Maps for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Search and Rescue, Daphne Barretto UG '23 (2265267)

Search and rescue missions are time-sensitive and dangerous tasks that are critical after natural and man-made disasters. In this work, we better robotic systems to improve the success and efficiency…

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5.6.2022 Brazil Lab Day 2 Morning_1

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